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Baltic Porter beer 8% "Argus", 500 ml

The smell is dominated by chocolate, although you can also feel the note of caramel and - especially..

€ 1.39

BIO Organic puree Apples, Bananas & Peaches, 190 g

BIO apple-peach-banana puree, enriched with vitamin C. Suitable for children from 4 months of age.ec..

€ 1.69

BIO Organic puree Bananas & Apples, 190 g

Bio fruit puree for children from 4 months of age with natural sugars, enriched with vitamin C.witho..

€ 1.69

BIO Organic puree Carrot, Potatoes & Chicken, 190 g

Puree for children from 5 months of age from carrots, potatoes and chicken meat with the addition of..

€ 1.69

BIO Organic puree Fruit & Muesli, 190 g

Bio fruit with the addition of cereal flakes, whole grains. For children from the sixth month.withou..

€ 1.69