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Cold vegetable soup Gazpacho, 1L

vegetable soup with tomatoes, cold, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil..

€ 3.49

Ravioli with chorizo & chicken filling “Ravioli al Chorizo”, 250 g

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and mascarpone cheese, chorizo ​​sausages and chicken meat..

€ 2.69

Snackbox “Hatherwood”, 375 g

Fish fingers, mozzarella sticks and potato wedgesfrozen..

€ 4.49

Vegan dumplings with vegetables “Vemondo”, 250 g

from buckwheat flour with vegetable fillingfor preparation in a pan or pot..

€ 3.69

Vegetarian meatballs “Dobra kaloria”, 180 g

100% naturalvegetarianwithout preservativesno dyeswithout glutamatephosphate freeno soynatural sourc..

€ 3.69