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BIO Organic puree Apples, Bananas & Peaches, 190 g

BIO apple-peach-banana puree, enriched with vitamin C. Suitable for children from 4 months of

€ 1.69

BIO Organic puree Bananas & Apples, 190 g

Bio fruit puree for children from 4 months of age with natural sugars, enriched with vitamin C.witho..

€ 1.69

BIO Organic puree Fruit & Muesli, 190 g

Bio fruit with the addition of cereal flakes, whole grains. For children from the sixth month.withou..

€ 1.69

BIO Organic raspberry jam "Maribel", 260 g

BIO Organic extra raspberry jam MaribelNutrition Information/calories        &nb..

€ 3.49

BIO Organic Spanish extra virgin olive oil "Primadonna", 500 ml

BIO Organic extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed. The highest category of olive oil - obtained direc..

€ 11.49

BIO Organic spelt cookies, 125 g

Bio cookies from spelt wheat with the addition of vitamin B1, for children after 12 months of

€ 2.69

BIO organic tomato & basil spread "My best veggie", 180 g

Bio organic tomato and basil spread with tomato, basil and sunflower seeds for sandwiches..

€ 3.19

BIO Organic tomato juice with sea salt "Solevita", 1 L

BIO Organic Solevita tomato juice from concentrate with sea saltNutrition Information/calories ..

€ 2.29

BIO Organic vegetable chips with sea salt "Snack Day", 100 g

BIO Organic vegetable chips with sea salt, made from parsnip, carrot, sweet potatoes, beetrootpalm o..

€ 3.99

BIO Organic vegetable juice "Solevita", 500 ml

BIO Organic vegetable juice Solevita from tomato juice concentrate and vegetable juices with sea sal..

€ 1.89

BIO Organic wholegrain Italian spaghetti "Combino", 500 g

BIO Organic wholegrain Italian spaghetti CombinoNutrition Information/calories      &..

€ 2.50

BIO Organic wholegrain muesli with fruits & nuts "Crownfield", 500 g

Organic whole grain cereal flakes with sultana raisins, dried apples, hazelnuts and almonds Crownfie..

€ 7.95