About BalticFresh

We are group of Food Enthusiasts who have been in the supply chain for more than 20 years who are devoted to bring the best and quality delicacy from Europe directly to your household with a price that is not going to rob your stomach out of your bank account.

In Today's society, where paper from the universities are more valuable than passion and experiences, you will hardly get Merchandisers sweating traveling around to get you the best groceries you deserve at an affordable price, then calculating the profit behind their air conditioner desk that inflate into the quality of your purchase in seek of a security for their job.

When Merchandisers have a lack of enthusiasm and are short of experiences, and are afraid to take up challenge and responsibilities, they often fail to indent the products leaving these risks and opportunities for traders and wholesalers to mark up the value of purchase for your groceries. This also applies to the freshness you are getting because there are more time consuming in the logistic system use in the supply chain. Therefore, we end up spending a lot of money at expensive stores or have to tighten our stomachs in craft for real food!

Being one of the world's most advanced and highly paid countries in the world and are still growing rapidly by assets, but why Peasants are not happy, and eating properly.

With low quality and expensive Groceries, we realize that many are affected by chronic diseases that are caused by over use of chemicals such as nitrates to make our groceries look fresh and beautiful because without those using them, our humid weather will cause them damage before they can even reach the shelves in the Hyper/Supermarket. In other words, the traditional system does us a lot of damage to our health and our pocket.

Does anyone aware that suppliers have to pay for 200-300 hundred dollars per store per SKU per month for products displaying at eye level and half of the price below or on top of the shelves. Imagine a suppliers have 10 SKU on the run, on just 100 stores, how much do they have to pay for these listing fees? Based on 200 hundred dollars/SKU for 10 SKU in 100 stores, the supplier will have to pay a sum of 200,000 thousand dollars exclude a selling margin of 20-40% margin to the hyper/supermarkets precisely the consumers are the one paying for it in the end.

As these are not the only part of what you are paying for and that is our reason of making a change by the establishing of Balticfresh.com. We are not perfect or the best, but our teams are motivated and learning to give you the best you deserve for your diet. 

  • "Freight price is up 100 percent this month from Europe. Consumers are going to absorb the cost" - no more with BalticFresh!
  • "Rents are going up.  We will be paying for the rent, and electricity bills will be going up and you are going to absorb the cost". - no more with BalticFresh!