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Brazil nuts "Alesto", 200 g

Natural Brazil nuts AlestoBrazil nuts are very rich in selenium - 96 micrograms, or 175% (RDI), whil..

€ 6.39

Californian salted pistachios "Alesto", 250 g

Roasted, salted Californian pistachios AlestoNutrition Information         ..

€ 10.90

Californian unsalted pistachios "Alesto", 250 g

Roasted Californian pistachios Alesto, without saltNutrition Information      &n..

€ 10.90

Californian walnuts "Alesto", 200 g

Californian walnuts AlestoHigh in FibreNutrition Information/calories        &nb..

€ 6.99

Caramelised pecans with honey "Alesto", 150 g

Roasted, caramelised pecans with honey Alestoroasted in a copper kettle..

€ 5.29

Cashew nuts & Cranberry mix "Alesto", 200 g

Dried sweetened cranberry with dry roasted cashew nuts AlestoThe second name is cashew - Indian nut,..

€ 6.99

Hazelnuts "Alesto", 200 g

Roasted hazelnuts AlestoNutrition Information/calories            ..

€ 6.79

Macadamia mix "Alesto", 200 g

Alesto mix of roasted and salted peanuts, cashew, almonds, macadamia, pecan and corn kernels..

€ 7.79

Macadamia nuts "Alesto", 125 g

Roasted and salted macadamia nutsNuts roasted without oil or fatNutrition Information    &..

€ 6.99

Mixed nuts "Alesto", 200 g

Walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, almonds in one pack. Suitable for Vegetarians and VegansNuts a..

€ 7.59

Natural Californian almonds “Alesto”, 200 g

Raw Californian almonds, high in fibre. Delicious as a snack. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.Ra..

€ 6.90

Natural cashew nuts “Alesto”, 200 g

Natural cashew nuts AlestoVeganhigh content of unsaturated fatsprotein sourcemagnesium source..

€ 6.79

Nut & Fruit mix "Alesto" Classic, 200 g

Nut and Fruit mix Alesto ClassicNutrition Information/calories          &nb..

€ 4.65

Nuts & Olive mix "Alesto", 200 g

Nuts and olive mix AlestoVeganYeast extract is a natural flavor ingredient and comes from a natural ..

€ 6.89

Peanuts with black pepper "Alesto", 150 g

Dry roasted peanuts Alesto, with black pepperNuts roasted without oil or fat..

€ 3.99

Peanuts with paprika "Alesto", 150 g

Dry roasted peanuts Alesto, in spicy paprika flavorNuts roasted without oil or fat..

€ 3.99