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Basmati, Green beans, Red pepper, Curry, "Trendy Lunch", 320 g

Trendy Lunch with Basmati rice, peppers, beans, onions and curry is another novelty in our offer, a ..

€ 2.45

BIO Courgette & Curry spread "My best Veggie", 180 g

My Best Veggie. Courgette & Curry Spread is a bio sandwich with zucchini, sunflower seeds, tomat..

€ 2.69

BIO eggplant spread "My best veggie", 180 g

Aubergine Spread is a bio sandwich with eggplant and sunflower seeds.Nutritional values2.7 g Protein..

€ 2.69

BIO Organic Apple & Banana mousse, 90 g

Bio mousse from apples, bananas with spelled whole grain flour, for children from 5 months of

€ 1.29