BalticFresh vs Supermarkets

*On Top of these savings we are giving 1.5% of the Revenue to the elderly and needy through a Foundation.

 Reasons you should be our patronage?


  • Our Groceries are 100% from the European Union offering from Direct Suppliers delivered straight to your home for personal consumption.
  • Saving time, because life is too short to waste it on driving, waiting for parking, and queue for payment.

  • A lot of fine European groceries are not available in your supermarkets as the space in local supermarkets is limited and so is the product's availability;
  • And yet you are buying quality groceries made in the European Union with the highest standard with up to 50% SAVINGS;
  • Quality & Healthy choices;
  • A lot of our products are Organic, as well as Gluten, Lactose and Nitrate Free.  You do not have to pay the Premium in the Local supermarket.