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Calcium + Vitamin D3 "Plusssz", 20 pcs

Plusssz Calcium Complex with Vitamin D3Effervescent tablets with orange and lemon flavourNo sugar ad..

€ 3.95

Electrolyte complex "Plusssz", 20 pcs

Electrolyte complex Plusssz with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12Effervescent tablets with mango and pinea..

€ 3.95

Magnesium Forte + Vitamins B "Plusssz", 20 pcs

Plusssz Magnesium Forte 375 mg with Vitamin B6 and B12Effervescent tablets with orange and grapefrui..

€ 3.95

Multivitamins + minerals "Plusssz", 20 pcs

Plusssz Multivitamins with mineralsEffervescent tablets, with mango and orange flavourNo sugar added..

€ 3.95

Vitamin C 1000mg "Plusssz", 20 pcs

Vitamin C 1000mg PlussszEffervescent tablets with orange and peach flavourNo sugar added..

€ 3.95