Spiced / Herbed Beer

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Cherry beer 5,1% "Fortuna", 500 ml

This beer owes its unusual flavor of fermentation in open vats, aging and long service life, most im..

€ 1.79

Dark beer 7,5% "Fortuna" Whiskey Wood, 500 ml

Beer was aged for months with flakes from whiskey barrels, it is also definitely less sweet and a bi..

€ 1.95

Honey beer 5,7% “Lomza”, 500 ml

 Dark amber color, high carbonation. Taste with a clear honey flavor, sweet aftertaste too...

€ 1.79

Mulled beer 6,5% "BestBir", 500 ml

Beer ideal for winter, especially cold evenings. Strong lager with exceptional juice, unfiltered, pa..

€ 1.95

Non alcoholic Cranberry beer 0,5% "Karmi", 400 ml

The Karmi low-alcoholic flavoured beers are all brewed in the Okocim brewery with classic beer ingre..

€ 1.49

Tequila Beer 5,9% "Desperados", 500 ml

Aroma: fresh cut pinewood, lemon and lime, with a hint of tequila.Flavour: citrus zest, woody and li..

€ 1.69